Useful reports

Here are some useful reports and guides to help you with your local energy project, produced by organisations we work with. If you have a report you would like to see featured on this page, please email us.

Scottish Water Renewable Energy Guide for Developers & Communities

Scottish Water's guide aims to help developers and communities understand how to engage with Scottish Water when developing renewable energy and low carbon heat projects. The guide outlines key steps and timescales to inform the selection of potential sites.

Guidance for Communities on the Development of Wave and Tidal Projects

Produced by Natural Power Consultants for Islay Energy Trust in 2013, this report aims to help coastal communities to understand the process behind identifying local marine energy opportunities and assessing the scope for developing a tidal energy project.

Feasibility Study and Hydrodynamic Review of Cuan Sound

Produced by Aquatera Ltd for Luing Community Council in 2018, this report looks into the feasibility of a tidal project in the Isle of Luing.  

New Community Energy Development Models in Scotland

Scotland has a vibrant community and local energy sector with more than 650MW of local generation capacity. The Scottish Government has a high level of policy commitment to further developing the sector and has set targets to increase capacity to 1GW by 2020 and 2GW by 2030.

This report has been prepared by Cornwall Insight to give an independent assessment of the potential for successful delivery models, the process of assessment of these models, and the identification of good practice and good outcomes through the analysis of selected existing projects.