Unst Energy Audit

Project Lead: Unst Partnership Ltd

Partners: N/A

Award Amount: £3,000

Status: Complete (December 2014)

Area: Unst

Unst is a remote island in Shetland, situated ca 52 miles and two ferry journeys from Lerwick. Shetland’s main power station is in Lerwick, and the Unst community is limited by geographical location to utilise this or any associated energy schemes. The cost of living is higher in rural remote areas, and any assistance with reducing energy bills will help to make Community Asset buildings more viable. The local Council, NHS and local Halls all find that heating is a major cost in their operations.

Therefore, led by Unst Partnership Ltd – which owns a 6kW Proven wind turbine – this project was concerned with identifying and quantifying whether locally produced energy could be used to provide a renewable energy source for eight public properties in Unst. The properties identified are: the junior high school, leisure centre, medical centre, care centre, three community halls and the UP office. Overall, the aims of the project can be summarised as follows:

  • To explore the options for increasing energy efficiency, and decreasing use and wastage;
  • To review and explore the options for innovative energy generation and energy management; and
  • To develop a solution that can overcome local grid constraints in Shetland, and provide renewable energy to consumers on Unst.

The audit report itself initially aimed to identify the spread (locations), and energy loads locally, in order to then feed this information into the development of a business plan(s) for a renewable energy generation project.

Learning Point(s)

Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)

Unst Community Development Plan 2012