Switch Technology to Facilitate Eday's Microgrid

Project Lead: EDAY Renewable Energy Limited

Partners: N/A

Award Amount: £14,462

Status: Complete (March 2015)

Area: Orkney

Controlled by current ‘Active Network Management’ (ANM) processes, the Eday community wind turbine is experiencing high-than-anticipated curtailment, resulting in reduced revenue generation. There is a risk associated with the possibility, and uncertainty regarding whether or not future changes to the ANM system will favour or worsen the turbine’s curtailment levels. This has created difficulties for EDAY Renewable Energy Ltd in trying to effectively plan for future activities. This situation is combined with a then over supply of energy from the Eday wind turbine, which was further increasing financial losses recorded due to under-utilisation of the facility. The proposal to help alleviate this was to develop a micro-grid that the turbine would connect into at a local level – this would create a higher level of local demand that would be solely retained for supply from the Eday wind turbine, enabling a closer fit between supply and demand. The micro-grid would comprise of: a hydrogen electrolyser; and a horticultural project. Together, these two sites would provide additional load capacity when the turbine was being curtailed by the grid. However, the IIF grant proposal only scoped for the latter.

The output report produced indicates that for this set-up to be established will require the installation of, for example: switching gear, step-down transformers, and a lower load capacity. The feasibility of this proposal is confirmed – it is recognised that the approach is not novel, and that the only difference in this instance is that the supply and load capacities are higher than for comparison micro-grid systems already in operation in Scotland.

Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)

Switching Technology to Facilitate Eday Renewable Energy's Microgrid

Appendix 1: Eday Electrical Single Line Diagram

Appendix 2: Draft SLD for ERE Rev B