South Seeds Renewable Heat


Project Lead: South Seeds

Stakeholders: Govanhill Housing Association, the European Union’s Step Up project, Glasgow City Council, and Historic Scotland

Award Amount: £28,250

Status: Completed

Area: Glasgow (South Side)

The project aimed to scope, investigate and, if feasible, deliver a low carbon and cost effective heat installation – with technologies potentially including solar thermal, biomass CHP, and/or geothermal, combined with a district heating network – to tenement communities in the south side of Glasgow (Govanhill, Crosshill, Queen’s Park, Strathbungo & Pollokshields East). The study areas experience a high level of fuel poverty and social and economic deprivation.

The first phase of this project involved a consultant, Ricardo Energy & Environment, conducting an in-depth feasibility study to determine the parameters of any low carbon heat installation. Through conducting a heat mapping exercise, the ‘South Seeds Renewable Heat Study’ (2016) has identified four opportunity areas, namely: St Andrew’s Drive, Govanhill Main, South West Govanhill, and Pollokshields East. These are sites of high heat demand density and high levels of social deprivation. The study suggests the strong economic viability of a district heating solution to cater specifically to Govanhill Main, drawing heat supply from the Glasgow Renewables and Recycling Energy Centre (GRREC) at Polmadie. Heat delivered via this set up would be priced 20% below equivalent heat from a domestic gas boiler. The study concludes grant funding of between £4.5-9 million would be necessary for this development to deliver at low cost to the most number of people.


Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)