Renewable Energy Roadmap and District Heating White Paper

Project Lead: Findhorn Foundation College

 Award Amount: £30,000

 Status: Complete

 Area: Moray

 The project has two main outcomes:

  • The development of a Renewable Energy Roadmap that is intended to help with navigating the choices that present themselves to those intending to install and run a district heating system.
  • A District Heating White Paper that provides a techno-economic overview of key viability drivers of District Heating Schemes

The project set out to create a decision-making roadmap covering the main technical and financial features to determine the feasibility for the development of four new district heating schemes (one new build and three that would serve existing buildings) within the Findhorn Estate. The proposed schemes set out to integrate various energy sources and adopt an innovative twin-plate information and communications technology (ICT) connected heat exchanger to deliver a highly efficient and rapid response. 

The white paper provides a techno-economic overview of key viability drivers of District Heating Schemes.    This is intended to act as a guide for District Heating Scheme developers (including Private Sector bodies, Local Authorities or Community groups) in the early stages of their evaluation.  The paper is laid out in a five sections which broadly follow the procedure that a developer will follow to move from defining how District Heating will fit with their Energy Masterplan through to how a District Heating system might be procured.

The project team from Findhorn Foundation College was supported by specialists from the University of Strathclyde and the White Paper developed by Heriot Watt University.

Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)