Orkney Innovation Consortium Energy Audit

Project Lead: Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF)

Partners: Community Energy Scotland (CES)

Award Amount: £56,544

Status: Complete (December 2014), Output Reports published

Area: Orkney

As of 2014, Orkney’s local renewable energy generation was equivalent to 104% of demand. The grid infrastructure has consequently been identified as unable to cope with the load factor that this additional supply creates. Added to this is an uncertainty over future grid connection possibilities, which when taken together threatens the financial viability of currently operating renewable energy systems in the area as well as hindering potential future installations. To gain a better understanding of the options available to the community in this respect, the OREF and CES commissioned an energy audit to be conducted by Aquatera.

In considering potential switching options, the report evaluates four strategies: grid management; storage and demand management; fuel switching demand; and increasing demand, of which there appeared the greatest number of possibilities. The conclusion is that a mix across all four categories of action should be adopted, including, for example: use of dynamic line ratings; demand side management; electric ferries; and fertiliser production. It is suggested that by taking action to deliver on these switching options will require a coordinated and collection community approach, engaging across several agencies. If achieved, there is the potential to strengthen the energy security of Orkney, while simultaneously providing an increased financial revenue stream to the community.

Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)

The following reports produced as a result of this project can be accessed via the link below:

  • Executive Summary
  • Part 1: Energy Sources & Uses
  • Part 2: Switching Options
  • Addendum