Orkney Electric Vehicles

Project Lead: The Rousay, Egilsay & wyre Development Trust (REWDT)

Partners: Community Power Orkney (CPO) comprising the Development Trusts and their wind energy generating trading subsidiaries for the communities in Stronsay, Shapinsay, Hoy, Eday, Westray and Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre

Award Amount: £43,215 (spent)

Status: Complete (December 2014), Output Reports published

Area: Orkney

The aim of the project was to demonstrate the viability of electric vehicles (EV) in an island context for other island inhabitants, and to encourage further EV trials in Orkney, through each of the partner organisations leasing an EV from Arval for twenty-four months. It was hoped that the project would increase demand for free charging points, which would help the rate and ease of uptake of EV’s, and reduce ‘travel poverty’ in the islands. The island communities represented by the applicant aimed to reduce travel overheads for their respective Development Trusts, and this in turn brings the opportunity to link into demand side management studies, which (if scaled up) reduce constraint on community turbines. This would facilitate an increase in renewable energy generation by community owned wind turbines in the region, and resultant financial revenue created through their operation for investment in/use by the community.

The outcome has been positive, with a marked increase in the number of EVs on the three islands – it is noted that this is likely, in part at least, to be a result of the high level of publicity and direct contact between the Trust, the EVs and community members during the project period. For example, one of the leased vehicles was sent to the All Energy conference two years running, while Project Officers also presented on the project at Community Energy Scotland’s Conference in Edinburgh in 2013. In addition, Trust overheads have been reduced through staff and Directors substituting the use of EVs for traditional non-renewable vehicles. It is also suggested that the project has encouraged the development of a smart EV charging project.

Learning Point(s)

Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)

Community Power Orkney Electric Vehicles and Grid Smart EV Charging: End of Grants Report