Mar Lodge Private Wire


Project lead: Braemar Community Limited

Partners: N/A

Award Amount: £7,000

Status: Completed May 2016

Area: Aberdeen

This IIF funded study was to investigate the feasibility of a community owned private wire connection from Corriemulzie Hydro Scheme in Braemar. The project was awarded £7,000 of funding representing 70% of costs. Construction of the 100kW hydroelectric scheme had already commenced and Braemar Community Hydro (BCH) had raised the possibility of using the exported power from the hydro scheme to supply the nearby National Trust Scotland (NTS) owned Mar Lodge Estate.
This task has involved the evaluation of the electrical network arrangements currently being installed and assessing the future possibility of extending the hydro scheme network to incorporate a supply to Mar Lodge Estate. In addition to commenting on the feasibility of the private wire network, both the technical and commercial implications associated with extending the network are also discussed, with recommendations provided for consideration should the project wish to explore the private wire scheme in the future.

Supported Documents / Outputs

Feasibility Study For Future Private Wire Connection to Mar Lodge Estate