Lochboisdale Warm Homes - District Heating Feasibility Study


Project lead: Lochboisdale Amenity Trust

Partners: N/A

Award Amount: £10,253

Status: Completed November 2015

Area: Western Isles

Lochboisdale Amenity Trust (LAT), in partnership with Community Energy Scotland (CES), have commissioned this study to investigate the use of a renewable energy system to provide affordable heat for residents of Lochboisdale.

The study looks to identify a system that will address the following aims:
1. Reduce fuel poverty in Lochboisdale by providing lower cost energy to householders
2. Increase the sustainability of local businesses and amenities by lowering the running costs of their premises
3. Create an income for LAT to sustain the Trust’s activities and to invest back into the community
4. Lower the carbon footprint of Lochboisdale by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy


Supporting Documents / Outputs

Lochboisdale Warm Homes - District Heating Feasbility Report