Knoydart Off-grid Hydro Optimisation


Project lead: Knoydart Renewables Ltd

Partners: N/A

Award Amount: £52,000

Status: Completed March 2016

Area: Highlands

One of the most isolated communities in mainland Scotland, Knoydart, is only accessible by boat and maintains its own community-owned electricity network; comprising 5 miles of 11kV cable, six LV transformers, a hydro turbine (first installed in 1979) and a backup generator.
Necessity, combined with the autonomy of community ownership, has allowed communities like Knoydart to continue to lead development of smart grid technologies in Scotland. This project has aimed to continue in this vein through building a model for community owned, open-source demand management systems.
This report lays out both what has been achieved in demonstrating such a system, and the potential we see for expansion. It is hoped that this is merely the starting point for further development, in partnership with other communities and non-profit organisations.


Supporting Documents / Output Report(s)

Off-Grid Demand Response - Final Report for the Knoydart Foundation

Assessment and Future Scenarios of Knoydart’s Electricity System