Investigation into Demand Side Management


Project lead:  Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust (REWDT)

Partners: N/A

Award Amount: £10,320

Status: Completed March 2013

Area: Orkney

Investigation of how the Orkney Active Network Management (ANM) scheme might support Demand Side Management (DSM) as a means of reducing generator curtailment. 

The Orkney ANM scheme is deployed to manage the power flow constraints of the network by curtailing the power of generators at times when network capacity is limited due to low consumer demand and/or high power production. There is an opportunity for local communities to increase their own demand, using DSM, during times of limited network capacity to reduce the curtailment applied to their electricity generation schemes. The investigation provides:
(1) Overview of current operation of the ANM scheme (2) Possible solutions (3) Technical and regulatory limitations of ANM system when developing a DSM (4) Analysis of possible solutions (5) Conclusions and recommendations for development of DSM system


Supported Documents / Outputs

There is currently no public report available for this project.