Hoy Grid-Smart Demand Side Management

Project Lead: Hoy Energy Limited

Partners: Island of Hoy Development Trust, Community Energy Scotland, and Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre Development Trust

Award Amount: £83,351

Status: Output Report currently being finalised

Area: Island of Hoy / Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre / Orkney

Drawing on a consortium of two community development trusts and Community Energy Scotland, this project has looked at demand side management of local electricity use in order to create and develop mitigating methods that can both reduce grid congestion, and maximize local use of the community produced energy within this environment. Specifically, study funded through this IIF grant was committed to support take advantage of the close working relationship between Orkney community generators, in order to design, install and test smart electricity and heat delivery, switching, and control systems in local properties that will firstly be able to match local community wind turbine production patterns, and secondly match turbine curtailment patterns. The installation of systems was envisioned to allow the proofing and operational piloting, assessment, and development of the equipment and technology required to take this project forwards. This would demonstrate how the principle can maximize grid use, and practically link local generation and demand to increase local value of the renewable energy produced. Monitoring and analysis during the pilot was used to inform a report on the efficacy of these measures. The benefits of this project were anticipated as to provide a platform for wider installation of such systems in the community, helping local fuel poverty, having a significant impact on grid utilization, and improving the situation of the non-firm connected community generators.

Learning Point(s)

The learning from the project was able to contribute to the Local Energy Challenge Fund (LECF) funded ACCESS project on Mull that relies on the same technology and helped to mitigate some of the associated risks. The project has also been a lead into the successful bid by Rousay, Egilsay and Wire to the LECF for the Heat Smart Orkney project.

Supporting Documents / Outputs

Island of Hoy Development Trust: Who we are and our Development Plan

Hoy Innovation Consortium: Grid-Smart Demand Side Management Project Report - June 2016