Fife (Burntisland) Local Energy Masterplan - Methodology Paper

Area: Fife

Purpose of project

The purpose of this project is to develop a local energy masterplan for Burntisland in Fife, for the local community and council to better understand local energy needs and how it could be supplied locally in a low carbon manner. It aims to reflect the community’s priorities and support its transition to becoming a low carbon, high resilience settlement.

The document will then be reviewed as part of the local planning process. This will help guide proposals and policies influencing Burntisland. The pilot project worked in partnership with the local community, with the aim of reducing fuel and mobility poverty and reducing carbon emissions.

Through a series of consultation meetings and workshops the Burntisland ‘whole energy system’ was mapped. It looked at heat, electricity and transport options including storage opportunities. The project brought in external expertise to enable the community to understand energy demands (using the heat map and other developed tools) and to work collaboratively to map agreed low carbon solutions.

Topics covered

As part of the project, the following topics were considered:

  • Demand side management options for Burntisland;
  • Delivering renewable heat and electricity to customers in Burntisland;
  • Linking local energy demand with local renewable energy generation; and the potential for co-location / combining technologies for example wind and solar
  • Energy storage potential in Burntisland; and
  • Sustainable travel options for Burntisland.

Supporting documents/output reports: 

Fife Local Energy Masterplan Methodology

Fife Burntisland EMP-brochure 2017