Managing Your Contract

Managing your contract

Post contract signature it is vital that effective contract management is performed this includes the key areas of:

  • Communication

Clear communication lines should be set from the outset so the contractor has a contact within the community group to raise any issues. Likewise the contractor should have a key point of contact for the community group to communicate with.

  • Managing Performance and Reporting

Reporting schedules should be set from the outset and be in line with any Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set within the contract to monitor progress as agreed.

  • Managing changes to contracts

An effective change management system should be put in place to ensure any changes to the original agreement are documented and signed off and then communicated to the necessary members of the community group and staff of the contractor.

  • Dispute resolution

And finally a clear dispute resolution process should be agreed with the contractor providing an escalation process for resolving complaints raised under the contract.