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Plan Development

Have a look at examples of Community-led Local Energy Plans created for Barra and Vatersay and Drumnadrochit to get an idea of how the different documents could work for your plan.

Refer back to the previous Plan Development page for more tips on writing your plan. Return to the guide.

The overview of your Local Energy Plan gives the headline details at a glance, including how the plan was developed, what challenges it looks to tackle, and a summary of the proposed actions. Check out the examples from Barra and Vatersay and Drumnadrochit to see how this document can work in practice.

LEP Presentation B&V July 2018.pptx LEP Presentation Drum July 2018.pptx

Your Local Energy Plan summary will be a longer document which goes into more detail about things mentioned in the overview, particularly the way the plan was developed and the data used. These examples will show you how Barra and Vatersay and Drumnadrochit summarised this information in their plans.

LEP Summary B&V July 2018.pdf LEP Summary Drum July 2018.pdf

Finally, your full Local Energy Plan report will go into more detail about the current energy situation in your community, and the different opportunities explored in the planning process. Read the Barra and Vatersay and Drumnadrochit examples to help you see how to pull together all the information you’ve gathered into a full plan.

LEP Report B&V July 2018.pdf LEP Report Drum July 2018.pdf