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Now you know what challenges your Community-led Local Energy Plan looks to tackle, you need to get the local community on board. It’s time to set out the scope of the plan, work out what area it will cover and consider as a community what you’re looking to achieve through the process. Return to the guide.

This module will guide you through the process of identifying people within your community with skills and experience to help develop the plan, and how to engage the wider community to make sure your plan represents a wide range of views.

You'll find examples of ways to engage with your community on the next page.

S2M01 Community Engagement v1.pdf

To develop your plan, you’ll need to gather data on your local area. This module helps you work out the boundaries for your data collection and decide which area your plan will focus on.

S2M02 DataBoundaryArea v2.pdf

This module helps you work out what you’re looking to achieve with your Local Energy Plan. Looking at local energy challenges in the wider context of the Scottish Government’s ambitions for energy and transport, and international commitments to tackle climate change can help inspire your community. 

S2M03 AspirationsandAmbitions v2.pdf

This module outlines ways to get key community members involved and how to structure and manage the core development group.

As well as the core group, you need to engage with the wider community. You’ll find examples of different ways to do this on the next page.

S2M04 DevelopCommunityActorsChecklist v1.2.xlsx