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So, you’ve read the guide and you’re ready to begin creating your Community-led Local Energy Plan. First, you need to reflect on what’s already known about your community’s energy needs, challenges and opportunities. This can be as simple as an initial brainstorm to gather ideas and start working out the priorities of your plan. Return to the guide.

This template will help outline the energy challenges facing your local area. A representative or group from the local community can fill this in. You’ll end up with a clear summary of the energy and transport related challenges and any existing or proposed projects which could have an effect on the community’s energy needs.  

S1M01 Initial Challenges v1.pdf

This document will help you work out how to approach creating your Local Energy Plan, taking into consideration the energy challenges faces and any efforts which have already been made to improve local energy needs. This will help you organise existing knowledge and begin working out which local people, groups and organisations can help develop the plan.

S1M02 Initial Approach v2.pdf

This checklist will help you work out what groups and organisations should be involved in your Local Energy Plan, and what role they can play. Some will actively shape the plan, while others can be a useful source of knowledge or can help support the plan. It may seem like a lot of people to consider, but the checklist will help you decide who to get involved and at what stage.

S1M03 Stakeholder Checklist v2.xlsx