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Invitation to tender templates

The Invitation to Tender (ITT) Templates contain outline work briefs for consultants for specific stages of project development.

Community groups should update the templates with specific project details, requirements, proposed project timeline and evaluation criteria. Key sections for update have been highlighted in each ITT template.

Once consultants have submitted their responses to the ITT, community groups should ensure that they use the evaluation matrix, updated in line with the ITT document, to evaluate responses.

1) Wind pre-feasibility

2) Wind feasibility, design and development

3) Hydro pre-feasibility

4) Hydro feasibility, design and development

5) Solar 50kW+ feasibility design and development 

6) Developer led community investment financial services support

7) Developer led community investment legal services support

8) Options Appraisal - ITT Guidance

9) Options Appraisal - ITT Template

10) Options Appraisal - Phase 2 Screening matrix

We also have a CARES procurement matrix available for CARES applicants. Please contact your development officer who will be able to provide the tool and any further assistance necessary.

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