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Investment ready tool

The CARES Investment Ready Tool  includes a comprehensive list of questions that all need to be answered in the development of your project. It is applicable to any group that requires finance to develop the project. The tool is designed for use with both wind and hydro projects, with specific questions for each technology highlighted.

The tool is designed to be a live document that is regularly updated throughout the development of your renewable project. It enables you to collate all the relevant information regarding your project. The tool is part of the Investment Ready Process which includes an online storage platform and an independent assessment by CARES technical advisors, Ricardo-AEA.

Access to the CARES online secure file storage system can be provided by contacting your local development officer. This enables you to store all your project related documentation in one secure location.

Before filling in the Investment Ready Tool, you can read through the Investment Ready Process Guide, which will provide you with an indication of the range of information that needs to be collected, contracts that need to be signed, studies that need to be completed and the level of detail that a lender will expect you to provide them with before they will be able consider providing you with finance. The Investment Ready Process Guide is a module in our Finance Matters section of the toolkit, visit the page here.

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