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If you are a developer and you provide funding to a community, please search for your project on the map using and submit your details via the online developers form in the pop-out box. Note that all content in stage one must be completed to allow you to save progress and submit your form. 



If you are a community please submit your details by searching for the project on the map and adding in your details on the online communities form in the pop-out box. Note that the name of the community organisation, a contact name and email must be completed in stage one to allow you to save progress and submit your form. 

The Register also details fund spend, and provides ideas and advice for communities looking to ensure their funds are spent wisely. Read more about the Register below the map.

You can view a list of all projects with community benefits here.

The average community payments and total community benefits paid this year are shown below the project map. These figures do not include income from wholly community owned projects.

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Further information

The Register shows renewable energy projects in Scotland, and allows developers and communities to upload community benefit details attached to these projects. Only community benefit schemes from operational projects should be added - ideally following provision of the first installation of community benefit.

What projects are on the map?

Note that the operational projects shown are intended as a guide to installations in Scotland and should not be seen as an exhaustive list of all operational projects. If you would like to see a renewable energy development added to the map, please let us know.

Please note that the Register may have inaccurate or outdated information, and should be regarded as a guide to community benefit provisions across Scotland. Any disputes regarding community benefit should be dealt with directly between the relevant parties. 

Process questions

Please note that some questions in the Register ask for detail on a developer's method, and the experience of those involved with this process. These questions have been added in 2014 and it should be noted that historic schemes commissioned before this date may not have such data available - a lack of information on such projects is not a reflection on the process undertaken.

More about community benefits:

For further information on community benefits, please see the community benefits section of the website. 

This narrative report gives an overview of the register and shows some of the improvements and updates made over the last year. 


This is the average value of community benefits per installed MW committed from projects commissioned in the last 36 months, where a community or developer form is attached to a project. 

Whilst many new projects offer a package of community benefits with a value equivalent to £5k/MW/yr, in line with the Good Practice Principles, the figure shown may be less than this for a number of reasons including: 

- No new projects being commissioned in the last 36 months 

- Projects commissioned in the last 36 months do not have a community or developer form attached

- Projects commissioned in the last 36 months with a community or developer form attached are for a technology other than onshore wind. 

- Projects commissioned in the last 36 months are not able to offer a package of benefits with a value equivalent to £5k/MW/Yr.



This is an overview of the value of community benefits from all projects registered and operational and where the value of the community benefits is recorded in a community or developer form attached to a project or found via publicly available information. This figure details the total value of community benefits provided in the previous 12 month period to date, to all communities across Scotland.  



The Register is voluntary and relies on communities and developers sharing their experiences and the lessons they have learnt. If you are a recipient or provider of community benefits we would be very grateful if you could share information.

To add details of a development, either as a developer or a community receiving benefit from a renewable energy project, please use the developer and community forms available by searching for your development on the map.

If you wish to update details about your project you can do this either by: 

1. Submitting a new community or developer form related to your project

2. Contacting Local Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2288 or and letting us know about the changes you would like to make to the existing entry. 

If you want to add details of a development that isn't on the Register, please contact us telling us the name of the development, date of commission, local authority area, installed capacity and renewable technology deployed.


The areas of spend filter give the ability to show projects where communities have positively indicated that community benefits in their area are targets towards the following community capitals: 

  • Built capital: community buildings, housing, broadband, etc
  • Social capital: events, celebrations, social groups, etc
  • Human capital: skills, know-how and confidence
  • Natural capital: the local environment such as parks and woodlands, and access to this
  • Cultural capital: conserving and promoting local history and heritage, cultural events etc
  • Political capital: citizen participation, improved representation, etc
  • Financial capital: local exchange systems, start-up grants to social enterprises etc.