Local Energy Challenge Fund

The Scottish Government's Local Energy Challenge Fund (LECF) was launched in August 2014 to demonstrate the value and benefit of local low carbon energy economies. The fund is now closed. The Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) may be able to provide assistance.

What was the LECF?

The LECF supported large-scale low carbon demonstrator projects which showed a local energy economy approach linking energy generation to energy use. This included projects looking to develop innovative energy distribution and storage solutions with the overall aim of creating more local value and benefit.

LECF Project phases

The LECF operated over two phases - the Development Project phase and the Capital Demonstration Project phase. Find out more about each below. 

To find out about some of the projects funded by the LECF, check out the presentation from the Local Energy Challenge Fund Showcase 2017.

Project reports

You can find out more about the projects by clicking on the links for the development and demonstration project boxes below. Here are the links to some of the final reports from the demonstration projects: 

Development projects

This was the first phase of the Challenge Fund, which provided feasibility and development support for applicants developing project proposals. Find out more about the projects here.

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Capital demonstration projects

This is the second phase of the Challenge Fund, which provided capital funding to deliver demonstrator projects. Find out more about the projects here.

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